Big News:  Among the Stones wins the 2017 BAFTA for ‘Ones to Watch’!

I feel extremely privileged to work with the amazing Bluedoor Games team on this excellent game.
Here’s me with Lead Designer Lukasz Gomula (left) and Lead Artist Roberto Macken (right)

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Swords of Gurrah  – Devster –  Sound Designer

Cutting-edge Virtual Reality game

Ashes of Mankind  – Black Ice Studios – Lead Sound Designer

Collaborative sci-fi shooter game from a remote team of AAA developers.

From Beneath –  Fancy Rabbit Games – Creature Sound Designer

Stealth survival horror game for mobile and tablet. My role is creating the terrifying sounds of the game’s monsters. 

Among the Stones –  Bluedoor Games – Sound Designer and Composer.

BAFTA-winning3D platformer Among the Stones follows a brave, young adventurer as she explores a mysterious island with the aid of its friendly stone inhabitants. ATS allows the player to carve their own path with its creative stone building mechanics, solving puzzles and uncovering secrets on the way. My role is to create all sound effects and music, and implement dynamically using Unreal Engine. 

Willy and Mathilda’s Houseboat Adventure – IBWWG Games  -Lead Composer and contributing Sound Designer.

Children’s puzzle game with hand-drawn animation based on a storybook. My role was to compose the sound track along with Jennifer Field and Dustin van Wick, and to lead team of composers, advising on implementation.

Pixel Perfect Painting  – Ben Olding Games- Composer

Lighthearted Android/IOS puzzle game that challenges the player to paint a wide range of objects using only squares. My role was to compose the jaunty in-game music and stinger for puzzle completion. 

Operation White Venom – Ben Olding Games – Composer

Turn-based strategy flash game with an ominous vibe. My role was to compose the in-game and menu music. 

Malaika Princess – KHermann Games – Contributing Composer

Sidescrolling flash game


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